About us

We feel great pleasure and honor to introduce ourselves as manufacturer and exporter of all types of Gloves, Motorbike Gloves, Cycling Gloves, Horse Riding, Police Gloves & Fitness Gloves. Our forefathers are working in this field since 1990 at the local level and producing quality-oriented Goods for the exporters at reasonable prices, who get a huge margin by exporting these Gloves worldwide. Lacks of International business Knowledge like procedure Documentation, Communication, Marketing, Banking know-how and shortness of resources, we are not able to do international business. Now we want to build international business relationships. The reason to build international business relations is to export excellent quality products at reasonable prices by using the best services so that the buyer can earn maximum profit. To promote our business worldwide, we have updated our manufacturing system according to global standards. We have our own Research and Development Department who are always keen on finding new and improved products and checking every latest invention in the field of Gloves. We can also make Customized Products at your request or you can also send us your own designs in order for us to send you Free Counter-Samples. We can also place Your Company’s Logo on Manufactured Goods.